Teleportation on game load

For some reason my game keeps teleporting me to this place on join

Does anyone know how to remove the script causing this? I can’t seem to find it.

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Im not sure. I have had this, years back, but not sure where from. Have you used any free models? Or are there any viruses inside of your game

I"m not sure

Yes I’ve used some free models, but they were inserted quite long ago and didn’t cause any problems. It was until now it started teleporting me.

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Are there any unnecessary scripts inside of those models? They could still be a problem. You may also have to disable HTTP requests:

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I had to scroll through Workspace and check through every single item, and finally found it!
It appears to be a blank script:
Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 9.17.48 PM

That contains this:

But if you scroll to the right, you see this:

Which appears to be a script made by this guy:

Deleting it solved the problem!
Thank you for your advice!


No problem! Scripts like that usually seem to be blank, though they have a hidden require in them etc

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and on the bright side you now know how to request and run a library script :smiley:

adding that keyword to my antivirus plugin, thx

Happens a lot with free models, and plugins. Be careful with what you import into your studio.