Teleporting creates many unnecessary servers

I have a 99 player server people can teleport to from my game as sort of a cool secret hangout place. However, instead of putting everyone into one server it keeps splitting people up into multiple servers. This also happens when the player count is something lower like 20 or 30.

This bug is preventing me from creating the social hangout place I want to make.


It’s an issue that stems from their matchmaking system preferring to group people based on other factors like geographical location. I think those factors need to be ignored for places with a low playercount and/or with very large servers that need to be filled. The matchmaking behavior is definitely causing more harm than good in cases like this.


Unfortunately this issue has been reported numerous times before. No responses just yet.

Probably up in the air as far as what should be done. FPS and other action games would really suffer if you put people in servers despite terrible ping. However, for social and turn-based games, it wouldn’t impact things too greatly.

User control would be pretty nice in regard to this. As a developer, I know if low ping will make a game miserable or not – because I can test it.


I have already submitted an internal bug report to the right people to get this issue resolved. It has to do with how Teleport() behaves.

The primary fix will be creating an API called GroupTeleport. I will be submitting an API request for this hopefully within the next week to get this implemented.

I hope this resolves your issue!

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PrivateServers m8

Any word on this? I’m still seeing tons of unnecessary servers being created in my game.

No updated news at the moment.