Teleporting issue

i want my game to have a teleporter inside a place and then at the end of that place it teleports you to another place like a dimension travel game

It gives me a teleport error when i try to teleport in the second place to the third place it just gives me the error code 769 or 146


i have tried shearching it up on youtube and on the devforum but i still cant find anny fixes for this problem

local gameID = 2481278235
	function onTouched(hit)
		local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
		if player then
		TeleportService:Teleport(gameID, player)


also do i need to add some kind of touch detector to the part/script?

This is because roblox is having issues. Multiple Roblox Services Failing

If not, it may be because that game is private.