Teleporting NPC's Humanoid & Animation Troubles

Teleporting an NPC’s Model/Humanoid to Set Location
I was wondering how I could teleport the model/humanoid of an NPC to a set location (in this scenario behind the door). Screenshot Included:

Moving an NPC to a Set Location with an Animation while being “Anchored”
My second question was how I could make this same NPC walk forward, with a walking animation. However, I want the NPC to be anchored, unable to be moved by other players or objects. How would I do this. Example/Visualization Screenshot included:

I’ve tried multiple times in the past to achieve this but to no avail, any support/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

make parts for each scene, teleport root with cframe into the part cframe and anchor the root

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I don’t recommend making the NPC anchored if you want good walking animations. You could consider making the NPC non-collidable with players using the PhysicsService.

After that, you would just need to use Humanoid:MoveTo(Vector3) and add a script to make the NPC play a walking animation when it’s moving.

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Ill look into that, assuming you’re talking about collision groups, it looks like a viable solution! Thank you

Yes, I am indeed referring to collision groups. Hope it helps!

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