Teleporting players to a specific PLACE in a GAME

Hi! I have an experience with places linked. (so like a main game and many that link to it within the experience).

I’m hoping to make it so when a player teleports back to this ‘ROOT/MAIN GAME’ from one of the many linked to it depending on which place they arrive from they’ll end up in a specific area in the main game or on a specific part.

For example:

let’s say “A” - the main game
“B” - one of the places.

I want when player leaves game B and teleports back to ‘A’ they won’t just spawn at the normal ‘spawn points’ in-game but instead a specific area such as a part or co-ordinates etc…

I have no idea how to do this, sorry if any of this sounds confusing but any help is deeply appreciated ! <3

Bump, still unable to work out the best approach to this.

What do you mean by specific area? Is it something like in which place the player leaves?

So for example:

when they leave this “place” within the “experience” and teleport back to the ‘main game’ they end up at a specific ‘area’/‘part’ inside of the main game INSTEAD of the spawn

Still unable to find a way to achieve this, any help is greatly appreciated!

You just mean Teleport a player from Place to Place?

Okay so like:

the player needs to be teleported from place A to place B but instead of ending up at spawn in place B they end up in a specific area of PLACE B depending on what games theyve teleported from… if that makes sense?

I’m trying to do this for a theme park, so when a player exists a ride they do not end up at spawn but instead of outside of that ride. The ‘ride’ being located inside a separate place.

I see you just want the player to Teleport to place b, to then not spawn at the original spawn location but somewhere else in the map, and a transcript of the games they teleported between?

Sorry, it’s a little confusing haha

Yeah that’s right. Basically:

they enter the ride from place a.
return to place a but outside of the ride they just entered instead of spawn

I think you need a 3rd party site for that. I (personally) never heard of sending data between 2 places/games.

If I understand correctly, you are trying to teleport a user within two places that are within the same ‘universe’. If that is so, this article may help with that: Teleporting Between Places (

Here’s the specific part which I think is relevant for this case that I found on the website:
“To pass basic non-secure data from place to place, call SetTeleportData on a TeleportOptions instance and pass it along with TeleportAsync.”

-- Define teleport options
local teleportOptions ="TeleportOptions")
-- Set teleport data with player's health
local humanoid = player.Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
if humanoid then
		local teleportData = {
			currentHealth = humanoid.Health
-- Teleport the player
local teleportResult = TeleportModule.teleportWithRetry(targetPlaceID, {player}, teleportOptions)

I believe you could then retrieve that teleportation data in the new place they have teleported to using an on player join event and this: Serverside method of getting player teleport data - Updates / Announcements - DevForum | Roblox (This only works with server side teleports such as the example one I copied from the article.)

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Thank you! I’ll look into this, it seems to be what I’m looking to achieve.

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