Teleporting to different server or game?

some fighting games usually have a 1v1s gamemode where it will teleport you to a different game/server that have a completely different map from the main game, but uses the same data. how is this done? is it a different game or the same game but it loads a different map

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Reserve server will get a server seperate from the main game with the places id and will return a id you can jse to tp players to it. Then just teleport players to the reserved place

You have games (experiences) and places. You join a game and then you want to teleport to a place. There’s a script for this. I used this script, but here I made it with ProximityPrompt:

local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")
local ProxPrompt = script.Parent
local gameID = 12345678910 -- place ID

	TeleportService:Teleport(gameID, plr)