Teleporting to translated games won't always load translations for unsupported languages

I’ve noticed recently in some games that have a hub -> gameplay area (teleport to a separate game in order to play the game) kind of games that the translations for unsupported languages won’t load. This occurs mainly in games that use Roblox’s localization tools. This bug happens like 50% of the time.

How to reproduce:

  1. Set your game to any of the languages that aren’t supported by Roblox (Polish for example).
  2. Join any of the lobby games that have translations for unsupported languages (in this case, let’s go to Treasure Quest)
  3. Play a round of whatever game there is.
  4. After returning to the main hub you should have Polish translations loaded in, instead, you have everything in English.

I can’t say when did the bug start occurring but I did have a moment sometime last week when testing a translated game, that it wouldn’t load translations at all.

I’m not sure if this happens to other languages but if it does, please let me know so I can edit the post.