Teleports into some game called "Loading"

My restaurant’s customers have been reporting that they teleported to a game called “Loading” this virus started a while ago but stopped and then continued. I have tried to find solutions on different forum posts and they said to search for “Require” or “Char”, when i tried to search for it theres like thousands of results using the Find All thing. I found a virus script and deleted it but the virus still goes on. Any solutions?

There’s probably another virus somewhere. You or a developer on the game may have a bad plugin. I haven’t used this but people found it of help, maybe you can too:


I tried it a long time ago but it just shows alot of requires and other stuff like that, most of the requires are coming from important scripts so i don’t wanna delete them

You might want to check the requires 1 by 1 and also check if you have “get fenv”. But do that in models from the toolbox you added to your game.

i got one getfenv script that has


it seems dangerous from the looks of it

edit: i deleted it

If you didn’t scripted that, it’s probably not safe.