TeleportService changed? Can no longer join public subplace server open lobbies through website. Clarification from staff required

I will immediately start with an example.

This is DOORS, DOORS 👁️ - Roblox

The Universe ID of that game, has set this game as the main place.

This is DOORS LOBBY VOICE, DOORS 👁️ - Roblox

A subplace of the DOORS Universe ID.

The servers on the server list are public servers that people were teleported to.


What used to be possible

Before some weeks ago, or maybe a month. Certain things were possible.

  • It was possible to join the game directly through the link of a subplace.

What changed

  • It is no longer possible to join games through subplace game id links from the website.


What I need clarification on

What happened, why is it no longer possible?
Can a developer of the game control whether users can join subplaces through the website or not?

What about games where the developer intentionally designed players to be able to join current open server lobbies through the website?

Because now it is no longer possible.
for instance, you can no longer go on game instances and join a server for this sub place game DOORS 👁️ - Roblox

It’s for all sub place games. Unsure about those a developer owns.

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I suggest looking over the new Roblox Studio updates and check whenever something gets changed…

Does that mean the answer is there, or you do not know the answer and just tell me this?

I don’t even know when the change happened. But I don’t believe that this is Roblox Studio related, but more of Roblox’s game or API or something.

Roblox has generally not allowed joins to non-root places (sub-places) from different universes. For example: if you try to play with your friend from their profile and they are in a non-root place we will redirect you to the root place. We noticed that the server browser was not following this restriction and fixed that discrepancy.

The good news: we have an item on the Creator Roadmap to enable devs to explicitly allow joins to non-root places. See “Flexible Join Destination” from Roblox Creator Roadmap. There’s also some discussion about it in the linked DevForum post next to the roadmap item

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