TeleportService help

So basically, Im gonna release a game with a bunch of games inside of it to play, community made ones as well. Right now, I have a custom loading GUI with string values inside: the game name, the game owner, and a number value for the ID of the game thumbnail. Will these values still work when the loading gui goes to a different game? If so, please tell me how.

Well, if you set it as default value then yes. However, if you are trying to make a script so that it updates its value, it wont. Instead you can do (example):

local teleportData = {
 gameOwner = 01921929, --insert game ownerId
 thumbnailId = 0000, --Insert thumbnailId or fetch it by replacing ID
 gameName = "gameName"
TeleportService:Teleport(placeId, plrUserId, gameName, loadingGui)

And then on the local GUI, you can set the value from retrieving data for example:

local data = TeleportService:GetLocalPlayerTeleportData()
if data.gameOwner then
   player.PlayerGui.Gui.gameOwner.Value = gameOwner

And retrieving the loadingGui by:


If you would like more information, then I suggest go to:

So, for say, I have Brookhaven RP inside of the games catalog, I press play, and when I arrive in the game called Brookhaven RP, I would see the same data, the owner, game name, and thumbnail ID? (So in summary, would this work with other places that are not owned by me)

You can but you need to have third party teleports on if the games are not owned by yours. However, if you own a game and wanting to teleport to that place, then you don’t have to turn on third party teleport on.

Wait, so your saying I should put the recieving data in the tp ui?