TeleportService reliability and wait times are really bad

Reproduction Steps
TeleportService will very frequently take over 60 seconds to initiate the teleport. This can lead to users becoming bored and quitting your game because they cannot access where they are trying to go.

Expected Behavior
I expect TeleportService requests to go through in a timely manner. Usually it’s near-instant, but for some reason we see a high frequency of very long wait times as well.

Actual Behavior
The player is stuck waiting for 60+ seconds (the particular incident that made me write this post took over 120s to Teleport) and quits your game because they can’t access their match / level. You cannot retry the teleport during this time or you will see this error:

(Notice those retry errors are 30s apart, after having already waited a minute wondering what was happening)

No, this is completely experience-ruining.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Connectivity
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Sometimes
Date First Experienced: 2022-01-01 00:01:00 (-08:00)


I have noticed spontaneous problems with teleporting as well. I’ve found the frequency to be not often, maybe 1 in 7. But when it does happen, it does indeed ruin the experience completely.

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Thanks for the report @AbstractAlex. Can you share some more details for what kind of options you pass? e.g. Is this using reserved servers?


It happens for both ReserveServers and normal servers. That being said - it seems to happen for empty normal servers as I am usually teleporting around an empty game in a development environment.

Might be related to starting servers, regardless of if they are reserved.

This frequency sounds exactly like what we are seeing as well


TeleportService is incredibly annoying, my game Specter completely relies on it to function, and it’s nothing but problems. I receive complaints essentially every day from players about teleports giving restricted place errors, taking > 60 seconds to teleport, etc. Not only this, TeleportService completely goes down at times, decimating our concurrent players. Long-term this definitely has a negative effect, new players may never attempt to play again if this occurs.

We handle errors to the best of our ability, but there is only so much we can do when it happens quite regularly. I feel that with it being such an important part of many games, the reliability of TeleportService really needs an improvement. This bug report says it was first experienced at the beginning of this year, but we’ve dealt with issues for as long as I can remember.


Yeah this makes sense and we’re seeing it on our charts as well. We have teams actively working on this but this is a foundational problem so it’s going to take a bit. I think we’ll try to see what we can do to help in the meantime.


Trying to join a game (with no existing servers) right now and it’s taking over a minute to load it. So I think TeleportService is likely running into the same issue, something is causing servers to have high spinup times.



I’ve been using TeleportService since 2014, so nearly 8 years now, and unfortunately it’s only been problems the entire time. It’s gotten better but yes we still see lots of issues that absolutely hurt our ability to grow our game.

The RestrictedPlace errors happen to us as well. Even when teleporting to a completely legitimate place. Shutdown messages inside games with multiple places have been broken for over two years, offering players no option to reconnect. I really hope we can see a bigger commitment to fixing TeleportService because it really punishes developers who are trying to build ambitious projects.


Hi! We are actively working on improving reliability and join time for teleports and will provide more updates in the near future.


Thank you!!

And it would be amazing if you could have someone look into the loading screen bug! This has looked bad for nearly a decade now and would be so nice if someone would address it. Maybe even encourage more people to use teleports!


Thanks! I think players (and us developers) will appreciate this greatly. The near future is great but we hear this a lot with Roblox, are we talking this year… next? Hopefully, sooner than later, this is still quite damaging to many games :sweat_smile:

Hello! I was just curious on where you would provide more updates on this topic. Would be on this thread or on another thread?

The dumb thing with joining worlds (and teleport service I’m pretty sure) is that, when requesting a server, it tries, and retires, but then, after a certain amount of retries, they are being sent less often, meaning that it is faster to cancel and start again.
Correct me if I am wrong

A similar system should be applied to requesting a server


My brain is struggling to brain right now. I just realised (Chilly28’s) message is a matter of 7 days ago? A week? This reinforces my realisation that teleport service and similar services/methods in roblox are noticeably underdeveloped, literally right now! (when millions of games across the platform rely heavily on teleporting players to servers).

I just thought I would comment on this because I also have this very same problem, where I want to find a way of cancelling a party teleport in my game (to a reserved server) IF it times out, to then try again so the players involved don’t get insanely bored, but this unfortunately doesn’t seem possible (without trying something very hacky). And I recently encountered a teleport when testing my own game that took around a minute! Hopefully this gets fixed, because in hindsight it’s a bug!

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Hi everyone, we are working and will provide updates in the future as we make progress. If there are specific bug reports please make a new post. Thank you!!


Hey everyone - this should be resolved, still having issues?

This still happens, and it somehow feels even worse.

I would get wildly varying results from instant to an upwards of 9 minutes (yes, I waited 9 minutes to see if it would even teleport me). This is within 2 empty baseplate places in the same universe.

Aside from this issue, there should also be a timeout parameter to allow for x number of retries to keep the player updated with the teleport status instead of stalling them out indefinitely, and if within the realm of possibilities, a cancel teleport method, with 2 new EnumItems: Enum.TeleportResult.TimedOut and Enum.TeleportResult.Canceled.

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