TeleportService Triggers PlayerRemoving?

do TeleportService triggers players.playerremoving, if so, does it work well with datastore2?

Yes, it triggers PlayerRemoving. Datastore2 works exceptionally well with player removing and saving data in general.

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As @hasoco said, it will work just fine. It does with saving data in general. It would work with a basic DataStore system you could make yourself, and also ProfileService.

one last question, ive heard that datastore2 dont need extra functions to manually save data as it automatically does it, ive seen it worked with increments, but does that also work with tables? or i still need to manually :Set() tables? thank you

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I’m not sure. I’m not familiar with DataStore2, but I know enough to reassure you it will save when using TeleportService

got it, thank you for answering my questions

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