TeleportService/Teleport issue

Lately people have been messaging me about the Roblox client freezing when trying to teleport them to another place of my game. I was not sure why this happened, so I took a look at the code and it seemed fine. Today, however, I’ve been getting the same issue and I’m not able to teleport anywhere right now, not even with a simple command in the developer console. It worked fine before and I did not touch anything of it, so I’m pretty confused.

I played some other games and they seem to work fine so it makes me wonder why this happens. It can’t be the teleport code, because even a simple command freezes the client. Now it’s a possibility my game is the issue, but it worked fine before so I’m assuming it’s a client bug. Does anyone know more about this?

I may know what is causing this, I think I can find your game but if you could verify it by posting a link, I’ll take a look into it

great, can you also post simple repro steps for a teleport in your place? looking around for one, but I’m afraid I don’t know the game too well

From my experience with Notoriety, this would happen on average-spec computers when a teleport would happen with lots of Gui on the screen. I had a simple screen that popped up that was all black saying “loading…” and that was enough to crash many clients. I then removed this loading screen and a good 60% of my playerbase began playing again without problems. I don’t know if that is the issue here, but it might be.

Whoops, good one! Added you to the Crystal Cave teleport. Click the Teleport Spells button and then scroll down until you find the expansions category. Then click the Crystal Cave teleport.

Doesn’t seem like this is the issue this time. I tried destroying all the UI right before teleporting but it still freezes. :confused:

HmmI can’t seem to teleport there… made a VIP server too just to make sure it wasn’t an old server or something

Okay, added you to the commands list. Try :place me 175104227 for example. It’s supposed to teleport you, but it freezes the game instead.

EDIT: Okay, I just tried it again and for some reason it works now and it doesn’t freeze anymore. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

I think this works because we turned off a feature, which confirms what I thought. I’ll look into this before we turn this on again. Thanks!

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