TeleportService:TeleportAsync does not respect server reserved slots

Reproduction Steps- Create a place. Under that place, set the max player count to something besides 1 (Let’s say, 10 players).

  • Set the server fill setting to “Customize how many server slots to reserve”.
  • Set the value under that setting to the max players minus 1 (Eg. 10 servers, set the value to 9).
  • Save settings

In a game:

  • Have one user join the place w/the customize how many server slots to reserve setting set. Make sure the two players are not friends.
  • Using another user who is not friends w/the user in that server, initiate a teleport to the place from another place (I use a starter place in the experience to teleport to a place underneath the experience) using TeleportAsync w/the place ID argument, and nothing else. (Command bar works well for this).
  • Teleport to the place.Expected Behavior
    I expect that a new server will be generated to respect the reserved server slot setting I have defined, as putting another non-friend player into that server will ignore the limits I put in place.

Actual Behavior
The player who is teleported to the 2nd place (That has the already existing player) is teleported to the server w/the other player in it. This should not happen as the two players are NOT friends, the job ID of the server was not defined under TeleportOptions, and the reserved server slot count is set to where the extra player should not be allowed into that game.

There is no workaround for this when using TeleportAsync w/no job ID/reserved server ID defined under TeleportOptions.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Connectivity
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-05-02 14:05:00 (-04:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-05-02 00:05:00 (-04:00)

hey @ArtemisTheDeer,

do you have some more details about the users that were testing? e.g. were they on the same WiFi or similar IP address? folks under this criteria are considered preferred players and matched on the same server.

I tried this w/my mobile device (iPhone 12 pro) that was connected to the same Wi-Fi network as my home PC (That I also tested with). I’ll test from a VPN & use mobile data to ensure there shouldn’t be a preference w/players and report back in a moment.

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Used a VPN on my mobile (Mobile data only) and my personal computer w/two separate accounts that aren’t friends; can confirm that reserved slots were respected in this case.

It’s really good to know that there are extra criteria v. just being friends for a ‘preferred slot’ to be used - thank you so much for this information!


great to hear and thank you for verifying. the matchmaking rules we have aren’t really public so I understand if this can lead to some unexpected results. I’ll talk to that team and see if there’s any thought around this


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