TeleportToPlaceInstance() does not appear to work

I’ve tested out this morning with Polyhex to see if my system works that allows me to join another player’s server in the same universe. This is a continuation of this.

  • I got Polyhex his userid through GetUserIdFromNameAsync().
  • Then I got the instanceid of the server he is in through GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync().
  • Finally I tried to teleport to this server using TeleportToPlaceInstance().

However nothing happened, and the console does not give any errors or bugs. Both through the client and server, TeleportToPlaceInstance() does nothing. Polyhex told me that something similar is happening in other places as well (Rollernauts specifically) where he was unable to join friends.

In total, I’m assuming there’s a bug.

This happens when you try to use TeleportToPlaceInstance() to teleport to a server that is currently full, The teleport will just hang indefinitely, and any other teleport calls for that specific client will just not do anything, as I assume it’s waiting for the first one to end.

Heres a video demonstrating that (Note a full server is 6/6):

This is a bug, however, and should be fixed so that the teleport call returns a message that the server is full and to allow more teleport calls to be made afterwards.

Similar issue that I provided a clear repro file and steps for here:

I see, thanks for the explanation.

Indeed a simple check to see if the server is full (or exist) with a message returned would be a good solution and nice to work with.

I hope this gets fixed, it should really return an error of some sort instead of just breaking entirely forever.