Tell about the Thai games in the Roblox Platform


Hello, I’m Kinny from Thailand!
Today I will talk about Thai games on the Roblox Platform! We will call the group of Roblox players from Thailand Roblox Thailand Community, which in this community has a fairly popular game category. And very popular in the Community, which is the Boombox game category, including the Showcase games and Hangout games. I, Kinny, will tell the story About these games.

In which these games There will be content about hangouts in the game, chatting and chatting, and music can be played in the game with Boombox. All of you may sound interesting. But we will get to the real content of the games in the Roblox Thailand Community. These games often have issues with the opening of the song with Boombox, Online Dating, Bully or Toxic. We will come to the story of opening the song with Boombox first in the game. These will be added to Boombox in the game, which will be the problem. Opening the music loudly according to the ID of the song and uploading the music with a lot of volume. Causing others to bother and insult each other or Toxic put together in the game Which will use vulgar words in the game as well It’s pretty bad for me or everyone else. And online dating, I know it’s against ROBLOX and games in my country. There are quite a lot of games that support online dating. And there are many factors that can cause online dating: game content and others. I think Roblox can fix this. Including other matters That affects the gaming society in my country.

I will not give an example of the game. Or provide game links I try to be the most neutral.
If possible, I’d like Roblox to fix the issue or have Moderators or Admins come to explore the area in the Roblox Thailand Community. For the ROBLOX community in my country, Thanks.

In the next article, I will talk about " Robux trading is illegal in my country. "

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