Tell me if i'm in the wrong place... but i'm confused on rules regarding "porting to console"

So i was developing my game where there is a bunch of concepts i come up with.
There are a lot of things… but i developed something that might be questionable.

Concept: 2 giants… last giant’s team standing wins. The weapons (as far as i got) sword, arrow, wand

The sword has a twist to it… you see… it cuts off parts of the player for an added “don’t take damage” factor.

But when i decided “console support would greatly increase my player base”:


  1. No blood… kinda gore-ish
  2. Intense violence?
    3.No strong language
    4.No gambling (i have an “earn to win” model)
    5.No drugs

Should i scrap this? Do i implement an “I agree to play this” check? Do i just not port? Does this go against regular roblox guidelines?

Well there are games like vertigo, where the main focus is beating each other to death.

And there is jailbreak (on console too) where there are guns. Phantom forces is another thing.

Help pls :thinking:

You just don’t port. If your game doesn’t strictly follow the Xbox launch guidelines (this is also available in the modal), your game will get taken down for violating the guidelines. An agree-to-play check doesn’t give you a free pass on the guidelines. Slicing off another’s limbs would fall under gore.

Moderation circumstances differ from case to case so you can’t use another game’s circumstances as leverage for your own. VERTIGO is not launched on Xbox, Phantom Forces has a separate console version which removes all non-abiding elements entirely, Jailbreak has always been compliant.

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Just from playing your game, it wouldn’t be allowed on console.

There’s blood, even gore when you cut someone’s head off and intense violence.

My game?
There is no blood in my game. :thinking: Did you play vertigo instead?

sorry for late reply… i was doing something else and mobile forums are… well mobile forums

So i was never planning to use the “they did. so can i!” defense, but i was confused on how jailbreak got ported (guess there is no VERY INTENSE violence), and the very reason i came here to ask.

I will stay on pc then (as sad that is, but children are more likely to play on console)

Final question: So my place acts more like a hub… Is there a way of blocking console players from entering this place but still port the other ones? Or you can only set the game?

BTW: thx :grinning:

No. If you want to launch your game on Xbox, all places must be compliant. Individual places must have the allowed platforms toggled off but launch guidelines apply to the whole game.

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And let me guess… even if they allowed individual places to be ported but not the whole game, then it would be a BIG edge case (because players would teleport there by some exploit), and the moderation would be a nightmare. (and just generally public opinion on roblox that has been… not so good. As in: the “roblox is for children gangs” thing)

I wouldn’t know the specifics because I’m not staff or anything. If you want to stay on the safe side, you can either make your game wholly compliant and launch on consoles, or make a separate console-exclusive version of your game that complies with guidelines and launch it there.

If you launch a subplace on console but not your hub, console users won’t be able to access it in the first place. If you launch the start place on console, the expectation is that the rest of your game is also compliant. Sometimes it’s adequate to only disable features based on the user’s device. Example, disabling chat is a requirement and the Lua Chat System automatically handles that for you. In other cases, might not work well to tailor features and to instead just make a whole separate version.

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Thank you for your time, tho. You have been helpfull. But on the bright side, at least i asked.

how can there be no blood but gore.

Slicing players arms and legs off? Without particle effects.