Tell me which link is inappropriate when my page gets moderated

When my page gets moderated for having an offsite link, I have no way of knowing which link is disallowed without comparing every link on the page to the list of allowed URLs.


Ideally the disallowed link should be highlighted so I know what to fix, or removed automatically.


same happened to me

it was my discord name and tag that caused me to get that pop up


This is a huge issue on the Talent Hub.

Roblox says “fix your portfolio~1!!1’” but doesn’t say what’s wrong with it.

Looking through yours, there’s legit nothing wrong with it, probably the mods being picky, unless you changed it back.

Couldn’t support it more


same it was my discord tag and name

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Adding on to this feature request, I think it’ll be extremely helpful if the moderated section of your creator page should be highlighted for any rule that has been broken. I’ve recently been moderated for spam yet I’m unsure what area was moderated.