[TEMP CLOSED] Diceboy | Open Source 3D Platformer


As of 10/04/2023 Diceboy has temporarily went back to CLOSED SOURCE whilst we work on the new update for the game. Once this update is rolled out fully we will return it back to open source and this message will be removed.

Hope you understand!

OG Post

Hey developers!

Have you ever wanted to make a 3D platformer game but don’t know where to start?
Well use this game I made with my friend TootyPatrooty! Diceboy!
Originally made by @cyberdile, Diceboy is similar to the classic version, traverse through many levels and stop the evil entity known as misfortune! We are open sourcing this game as we have decided to work on a sequel to this.
You can view this game here!
Diceboy - Roblox

That’s all I have to say! Have fun everyone! And to the continuous supporters of Diceboy, thank you all so much for this journey!

Stay on the lookout for Diceboy 2!!

Co-owner of Diceboy and the TootyPatrooty fan group

this game is rated D for deez nuts

This game is STILL rated D for deez nuts


From what I’ve played, the experience is pretty fun! It’s kinda like Cleaning Simulator x Super Robot 64!

Thank you for open sourcing this experience, and goodluck on Diceboy 2!


Your welcome, and thank you very much!

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I was looking this game like a few months ago
Well its pretty fun and I almost forgot what the content is but I really like it when I was younger

Good choice to make it uncopy-locked so I can see what’s inside
Great game too :+1:

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Stop the RNG gods! They must give us good rolls!


I have a small question (I won’t complain if you don’t answer me): I can see that some DICEBOY games have the “Load Game” button, how can you enable or make this button?

I’ll give you a tutorial on how to do it soon. :slight_smile:

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nevermind this doesnt even need a tutorial

just find the menu and make the load game button visible
that’s all

I have used the original version (which was also open sourced) and it had some pretty interesting resources there!

It’s great when you actually posts that in the devforum, To let people know!

Sweet game, regarding enable the button, can you screen shot it?
I looked here :

The Load Button was already visible when I open studio, but the Load button still didn’t show up

The Load Button was already visible when I open studio, but the Load button still didn’t show up

Alright, I figured it out.
Go to PlayerSetup and go to where it says NewGame and change it from true to false.
I’m not much of a scripter so the rest is up to you to find out.

It worked but will this actually load the game they played previously or just a visual button

I’ve tried and it just begins a new game. I know how to fix it though. Reply if you wanna know how!!

Yes, I wanna know how cuz it’s really annoying to start a brand new game after you collect a bunch of thing then when you rejoin it’s all gone

I wanna know how becuz people complain to me about the situation

I would like to know how to fix this problem too! would be very helpful ^^

2 months and no reply…I really need it!

oh my GOD, I forgot about this! so sorry!
anywho, forget what I said about the load game button. Switch it back how it used to be.
After you do that, replace the SpawnScript in the Dice Dock folder in ReplicatedStorage>Stages>Dice Dock with this script:
return function() shared.PlayMusic("DiceDock") local s = game.Lighting.Skyboxes.Default:Clone() game.Lighting:FindFirstChildOfClass("Sky"):Destroy() s.Parent = game.Lighting end
I don’t know if this works or not but tell me if it does!

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