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About Me

Hello I am DindinYT37 and I have been developing games (mostly on Roblox) since Start-2015 and Developing Websites since End-2016. I am mainly focusing on Programming but I am also able to Design decent UI’s on Roblox and design Web-Sites.


I have been Web-Developing since end-2016 and am a Full Stack Web-Developer, meaning that I am making both Front- and Back-end of the Website (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL).

I cannot really list any previews here since Roblox doesn’t like offsite links, though if you add me on Discord I can provide you with screenshots.

Full list of my Web-Dev experiences:

Type Doing since
HTML, CSS End-2016
Plain Javascript Start-2017
PHP Start-2018
SQL End-2019
Previous Web-Development work

Single Page

Note that most of my Examples are in the Style of the Adopt me website.

World // Zero Example

Page made for @mastergreenwold2

Discord-Bot Development

In making Discord-Bots I only have about 2 years of Experience, making my own Verification API and Bot for one of my Websites and the according Discord Server to it.

Discord-Bots I made (with features):

  • Verification bot for my Website (using the Websites’ API which I also made)
  • Basic bots using Embeds and entertainment commands

Note that I didn’t develop Discord-Bots for a while so I have a bit of a lack of previews for you.

Roblox Development

Click here to see my Roblox Development Experiences, etc.


Custom Morph Script

In the past I have made my own custom morph script for both Model-Morphs and simple Clothing-Morphs.

Twitter Code System

This video was actually meant for my staff team to see the progress on the game I am currently working on, but I thought it would be a good idea to show the newest version of my Twitter Code System.

  • Player Data & Saving
  • Gamepasses & Developer Products (Scripting, not making)
  • Level System
  • Ingame Titles
  • Tweening
  • Lerping
Basic Simulator Game

Note, these things are actually so simple - I think you don’t need me to provide proof for this.

  • Rebirths
  • Increase Stats by Clicking or by using a Tool
  • Shop
  • Tool Saving
  • Basic Quests
  • Basic Tutorial
  • Advanced Tutorial (Camera Manipulation etc.)

I can make optimized (not Ordered) Datastore Systems with saving all data as a table. It would save when the Player leaves and the data would be saved dynamically, so there would be no script-edits needed if new data was added. (Dynamic-Saving costs extra)

UI Designs

Some kind of RPG-Inventory

The Viewports to display items have been coded, details appear on hover and the Player Preview auto-updates.

Simple Phone Decoration (SurfaceGUI)

Roblox-Modeling & Particles




I am putting Watermarks on my builds only because Builds are generally the most stolen on Roblox.

Custom-Design Cantina from Star Wars, Mos Eisley

Other Stuff I made for my Star Wars map



Stand kind-of thing

Previous projects


My timezone is CEST / UTC+2. My work will take 2-5 Business days depending on the size of your order.

Here is my weekly availability:

Day Time (CEST/UTC+2) Military-time
Monday 1pm - 8pm 13:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 12pm - 8pm 12:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 12pm - 8:30pm 12:00 - 20:30
Thursday 12pm - 8:30pm 12:00 - 20:30
Friday 1pm - 10pm 13:00 - 22:00
Saturday 2pm - 6pm 14:00 - 18:00
Sunday Unavailable Unavailable


I accept:

  • Robux, Group Payout. Only if Payment is over 1.5k Robux.
  • Robux, Gamepass. You have to cover Tax.
  • Percentage. Only if I can tell that your game/project has potential.

My preferred method is Group Payout.
No Refunds unless Valid reason why to refund.


Note that prices are not set in stone, they can be negotiated and may vary.

Also, I will not host your Website or Discord-Bot(s) since that would cost more than actually making it/them.


Content Price
Single Page 50+ :robux_gold:
Website w. 2-4 Pages 150+ :robux_gold:
Advanced Website 800+ :robux_gold:
API w. GET/POST support 200+ :robux_gold:
API Documentation (addon) 100+ :robux_gold:


Content Price
Simple Commands, help, custom-commands 100+ :robux_gold:
More complex Bot 500+ :robux_gold:


Type Content Price
Webhook Send Data (join-logs, etc.) to a Discord Channel 50+ :robux_gold:


I have no Prices for Roblox-related things since that depends on what you want me to make for you.

Other Information

Please don’t think that I can only make those things listed, I can make more. I am here to learn and get Experience, as well as making some Robux.

For communication we can use Roblox Chat, Twitter messages, or Discord. Though note that I won’t talk in voice with you, just writing/chatting.


If you’re Interested or have any Questions you can contact me:

  • via Discord: DindinYT#6315
  • via Twitter: @DindinYT37
  • here, via Roblox Devforum

Terms of Service

  1. Half the Payment is paid upfront, the other half I get when you accepted my Product.
  2. Client must follow all Roblox Terms of service
  3. No Refunds


Click here to open the FAQ

Why no refunds?
Because I don’t want people to tell me “Yeah I like it” and after they’ve already used it for a month, they come back to tell me that they want their Money back. Even if I then refund their Money, I have no way of making sure that they aren’t gonna continue using my Product.

What does “Valid Reason” for refund mean?
It means that I won’t refund your money back (not covering taxes) unless you have a valid reason why you want your money back, if it’s a valid reason there might even be a chance that you can keep the product (and continue using it if you want).

How fast do you deliver?
In most cases it takes 2-5 Business days (like mentioned in Availability). Though it might take longer but when that happens, my customer will be informed.

Do you do long-term?
I don’t really do long-term since I have my own projects, unless I can clearly see the potential of your game/game-idea I won’t be doing long-term. You can feel free to contact me for singular commissions though.

Do you take percentages?
Only if I can clearly see the potential of your game/game-idea and you already have solid things to preview to me, all percentage-payments will be sealed with a contract.

Notable Feedback/Ratings

Note: Please don’t be offended if you aren’t in this List.

Click here to see

I will continue updating this Portfolio, leave feedback down below if you like.


Hiring @DindinYT37 was a very good choice he communicates very well and did the job he was asked to in a breeze definitely recommend for anyone looking for a very good developer!


He did a great job, the communication is very well, and he is a good developer!


He is god of scripter, really responsible and recommended for hire this guy, this is my second times I buy commission with him.

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Working with DindinYT37, has been a great experience and extremely helpful towards my understanding of Web-Development. He explains things in a very user-non-technical friendly way, and is very much on hand to help with a lot of problems that can occur.

I do vouch, and I do recommend him for your Web-Development Project.

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Excellent work. Communication was really good. I would definitely recommend them!

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Just sent you a friend request on Discord, let’s have a quick word.