(Temp closed) Looking for Designers + Artists (Environment, 3D, 2D, Animation, Clothing, etc.) $

About Us

We are LVL, a recently conceived Discord server hub dedicated to providing design-related services to Roblox creators and their projects. We facilitate the acquaintances and transaction of the commission, building a clientele and bringing them to designers, and ensuring the transaction is seamless and smooth.

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The Jobs

We are looking for several types of designers and artists to provide services to our clientele. Prospective designers should have an exceptional portfolio with sophisticated and distinctive work.

Positions Desired:

  • Environment Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • GFX Design (Rendered Artworks, Icons, Vectors, etc.)
  • Animation
  • Clothing
  • Music Composition
  • And other types of design, or design-related programming

Additional Information

  • Designers have the freedom to decide which commissions to take part in, with a ticket system in our server.


  • As aforementioned, designers set their own prices, and no fee will be taken between the client and the designer.
  • Designers will in addition receive a monthly stipend of $15.00 for their services.

In addition, we are also hiring advertisers. Please contact for more information.


To register interest, we’d prefer you use this form, as it helps with organization.

We look forward to meeting new people!


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