Temple Adventure is hiring a System Engineer/Gameplay Programmer

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Temple Adventure is hiring a System Engineer/Gameplay Programmer.

About Temple Adventure:

Temple Adventure is a Fantasy Multiplayer Round based Adventure game, players team up, bypass obstacles, defeat enemies, complete puzzles, raid treasure, and explore the brand-new world.

Full Details about the project is here
I am fully aware that it has not been set public. Please talk to me via Direct message here to gain acess.

What We Offer:

Our team consists of Molegul, EnDark, and I, Abstract_Encoded. We are a diverse and passionate team, a place where people contribute to the evolving, ambitious vision.

This is an opportunity for you to lead, and create something ambitious with us. This is a time for you, to be a true pioneer, and seek something never done before, to raise the bar, and to work with talented specialists, on one of the most innovated studios on the platform. This is a place that truly consists of a professional, relaxing and friendly working environment.

The Job

  • Plan and implement creative gameplay with the help of Artists and 3D Designers using Roblox Studio and Lua.
  • Write good, efficient, secure systems with your knowledge of coding.


  • Passion for conceptualizing and implementing your own creative and original ideas
  • Strong grasp of Roblox API
  • Solid familiarity with data structures (stacks, queues, graphs, hashmaps, etc) and algorithms (BFS, DFS, Quicksort, etc)
  • Strong communication skills in English
  • Strong Understanding of HTTP, and know how to run web servers
  • This one is not required, but recommended to know how to code in JavaScrip

The Team: EnDark, Molegul and I, Abstract_Encoded


Pay will be 40% of Game Income. Robux payment will be a route and will be discussed via Direct Message. Investors will aid financially for the game.


Send me your portfolio and tell me about your comments, questions, concerns through Direct Message here. Then, we will discuss more through Discord.


Seems interesting, but how much would you pay for a Builder and Scripter, I can do Shop Gui’s but however it seems like a Low Poly build, I cannot do Low Poly.

Hello there. Payment in robux may be 100,000+ Robux depending on the skillset of choosen Programmer. However, we already have @molegul as our 3D Environmental Designer (aka Lowpoly builder, in your usage of words), and do not need another one for the foreseeable future. Thank you for trying to apply though.

Best Wish

(However, due to our needs to Robux usage in other categories, we will prefer to give percentage but robux is still an option)

Ah alright, I will pass on this one, thank you for the opportunity though, appreciate it!


may i work with you @Abstract_Encoded?

your hiring programmer?

Yes, indeed I am hiring. But please send me a portfolio to me through DM. Thank you.

Best Wish

hi, I am interested in this project! I am looking for a long time for something like this. So i thought, this is my chance!


I’m not asking for a full job, but I could go through scripts and stuff to see if they are all working correctly, as stated in my Portfolio, I do script renders. Contact me if you wish to speak: genious²#3485

Alright, thank you for your applications. I’ll review them and at this time, position still open.

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Position is stlil open in current state.

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Can I get the job or not? Is it still open the job?

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