Temple made in my free time - Showcase


A few months ago I decided to undertake a small project and create a Greek temple with the theme of Viridian. I completed the project back in March of this year, but with my renewed interest in roblox studio, I’ve been conceptualizing what I could add and eventually turn the showcase into a full fledged game.

Uploading: Scene2.png… Uploading: Scene3.png…
This is purely a showcase and has no scripting, but I’d love to hear what you think!
Game Link: Temple of Viridian - Roblox Showcase



Oh wow, I love the details and the quality of the textures.


This is amazing! Really good detail and the lighting fits the scene perfectly, great job.

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I love it. how did you make the pillars?

Thanks! The pillars are unions.

I lov- * dies of how good it is *


Looks amazing! I’m not the best but I think it would look better if the stain glass windows were lit up or had light behind it. Are these default Roblox textures or did you get them somewhere else?

Excellent work my guy! I few things I would suggest changing are (Make the viridian textures varied and different, add some depth to the walls that have the brick texture showing and fill the place up with other miscellaneous things, Other than that. You did an excellent job making this, And I cant wait to see what you do with the place.