Templer, solution for better uniform templates


i just created 3 layered templates for making better layered uniforms. And also i think it could be good if i make website for converting these templates to Default Roblox Template


  1. press Download Template button
    Ekran Resmi 2022-08-05 23.48.09

  2. choose one of these templates and download it, i will choose 3th one

  3. open the svg file with your visual editor (to make it compatible with all common programs i made them as svg [if you are pdn user you have to use this plugin])
    Ekran Resmi 2022-08-05 23.51.10

  4. Because of it’s layered shape, you can make unnecessary layers invisible

  5. make a layered outfit over this
    ![Ekran Resmi 2022-08-06 00.00.03|204x499

  6. this is a simple outfit that i made for this tutorial

  7. Make you sure you hide or remove template layer after all

  8. Export it as png

  9. Turn back to web application and press Import Template button

  10. Open the png file that you export from your visual editor

  11. That’s all, download and use them!!

    (currently you can use https://ingame.clothing/ to preview your uniforms)