(TEMPORARILY CLOSED) Builder, UI, FREE Logo Designer, 3D Modeller!

Commisions are currently closed because of how much buildings and UI I have to do. I can still make logos for free if you message me but other services are closed for a short period of time. Im sorry for this inconvenience.

About me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder, UI Designer, Logo designer and a 3D Modeller. I have been building for 2 years on Roblox, Designing UI for 2 months, Designing logos for 1 week or so and 3D Modelling for about 5 months.


(Old) Simulator Buildings

(New) Semi-Realistic Shed (Speed build)

(Old) Cafe (Worked with a friend for this one)

(Old) Low-poly castle

3D Models
(Old) Lightsaber

(New) Low-Poly Island

(New) Tree Simulator

(New) Youtube logo

(New) Youtube Banner

(New) Safety Breach

(New) Brick Workshop
(New) A Bizarre Time

(New) Simulator Shop UI


I am available for 20-30 hours a week. You can contact me any time.


Prices are negotiable, I accept all methods of payment apart from % (Unless I see that the game has potential) I prefer group funds but I accept game pass and t-shirt as well. The price varies depending on what you want me to do. I do logo designing for free, this is only for a limited time to get better at it.


You can contact me on discord @MeltzZ#3185

Thanks for reading! :happy2:


Amazing builder. Always getting things done on time. I recommend anyone who’s looking for someone who can do all of these then @KUBAW784new is your guy.

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You Making Logos for Free?
The Builds Are Nice!

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Yep! Im making logos for free! Its only for a limited time though so that I can get better at them.

Yes I Need a Logo For My Game!
Contact Me On Discord: Yagyaveer#5435

I’m interested in the logos! Is it possible to contact me on here?

Yes! PM me on the DevForums and I can make you a logo!

I HIGHLY recommend @KUBAW784new. My order was finished in 12 minutes, and it was AMAZING! Very good quality, super friendly and gets the job done. Easy to work with. My experience was incredible! :+1:

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