[Temporarily Closed] Recruiting Developers for a Cultivation Game

Recruiting Developers for a Cultivation Game

I am a scripter that is planning on working on a cultivation-based MMO for Roblox. I have made a full Trello explaining the details of the game including how the player will progress and what will be included.

Part of the Trello

More information will be revealed to developers

In this game, you are a cultivator that can train to increase their cultivation. You can learn techniques for fighting and create pills and artifacts to help you. Cultivation has realms that you have to reach and stages in each realm. Each realm is way more powerful than the one before it. You can fight monsters to get rewards and all sorts of other things I’m planning on. I plan on adding sects, which are like guilds, pets, and even lore events and such.

This game is inspired by cultivation manhua and other manga/novels I’ve read such as Martial Peak and Apotheosis. Hopefully, I can make a game that captures all the wonder and excitement that these brought to me.

Development Info

I’m planning on recruiting at least one UI designer and at least one Animator for now. Once we finish making the basics like the first few techniques and mechanics, I will start recruiting more people like builders.

The Team
@Gavinboy3000 - Scripter - Coding the game. Ex: Data saving, techniques, shop, etc.
Recruiting - UI - Making a clean UI. Ex: Inventory, technique screen, hotbar, etc.
Recruiting - Animator - Animating characters. Ex: Technique animations, walk/run animations, npc/enemy animations, etc.

I am willing to recruit scripters, but I am very picky about how they have to script. For example, if someone scripts with bad formatting or using depreciated arguments, I will not recruit them.

There will be no payment for now. This post is just for people who want to be a part of a fun project. That said if the game does become successful, there will be compensation for your work.

Contact Info

The recruitment discord server: Developer Recruiting [Old]

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