Temporary issue with Marketplace on iOS

Hey developers,

We experienced an issue early morning on May 16th for iOS devices which made users unable to load our Marketplace. This issue is resolved as of 11:19 pm PT, and iOS users may need to force restart their Roblox app for the resolution to be applied. You can do this from the app info page on your device.

We appreciate your patience!

Developer Relations


Thanks @Sergeant_Roach for taking the time to send this out to all of us. I want to thank everyone who informed / fixed this issue. Have a great day :slight_smile:


Thanks for the transparency, Mr. Roach! Stay gamer🫡


I hope the team makes more announcements like this in the future for platform issues. Great job!


What you guys actually made a post about an issue on the website?! I hope the next time we have a massive outage or an issue with developing or just with other issue you guys make a post about it. If you guys do keep this going, i would suggest making another category called something like Roblox issues/outages


Amazing to see posts like this. Increasing transparency I think should be one of the highest priorities and if this is done more often, it’s a massive step towards that.


The fact that we are getting all these transparencies makes Roblox much better!

And the fact that this new leadership is finally actively working on Apple Silicon support as well,

Huge W!

Can’t wait to see the future!


It says to restart “the app” on a computer, why? This message was getting annoying as it covered up things, and with no way to close it. I had to change CSS to hide it.


Yeah it’s pretty annoying getting the messages related to mobile users… on computer (and on web browser, even)… I’m wondering if it’s possible for them to actually make these messages exclusive to certain device ranges unless it’s just impossible so they have no other choice than make the banner show everywhere.

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It is there for PC users, because they most likely used there Banner API and it just shows the banner for everyone. They should have taken it down by now because the problem was like 2 days ago.

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