Temporary Ragdoll?

Made those changes, now the character stands upright and can still jump and walk around. I want to make it so that they fall on the floor and are unable to move until the duration is up. Also, the limbs or anywhere I place the ball sockets make limbs flail around a lot, more than I would prefer. Any idea how to fix these problems?

Never mind, I figured out why this happened. Altering the HumanoidRootPart by disabling its motor and adding a constraint are perfectly fine. What I did was fire a remote on the client side that a local script in the StarterPlayerScripts would pick up and change the humanoid state. Fixed everything. :ok_hand:

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Kind of sad to see that this issue hasn’t been solved yet.
Here’s a place that I’m not going to need anymore that has a temporary ragdoll and a little unfinished wipeout system:
Ragdoll Test + Wipeouts.rbxl (29.9 KB)
To turn the ragdoll on, move the “Ragdoll” bool value inside of the effects folder in your character. (can be done on both the client and the server, compatibility not tested)


Awesome job! I had troubles before because the last ragdoll stuff I had wouldn’t work with no player collision but luckily your ragdoll works so thank you a lot!