Terminal-like System

Hey there. I’ve recently been working on a UI that would look like a terminal system. Yeah, it’s working and all, and you can test it here.

I’m looking for feedback as the project progresses, and today I can say is the first ‘major’ milestone of having the commands in the system send their own syntax highlighting using either a function or a straight up color3 value depending on the situation.

As of now, this is how the highlights look like for the valedit command;

Currently the other features are;

  • a basic --key:value system; used in the color command with --text:r,g,b or --background:r,g,b
  • a ‘file’ system without a cd command yet lol
  • modularity.
  • and of course, how can we not without* a fake loading screen thingy that can take literally forever if you’re very unlucky or almost instantly if extremely lucky, reminding us all of the goddamn windows update system

I would appreciate criticizing feedback and/or suggestions so I can improve the project further.


Sick, I’m making one too that uses the bash syntax.