Terminated Accounts Retain VIP Server Membership Indefinitely

Alright - so I am currently unable to reproduce this on my own. Essentially, my old friend tjboss was terminated a while ago (far more than a month). He had a VIP server in bhop which he bought when his account was still active. Now that his account is terminated - I assume he can’t be charged Robux anymore, which would mean his server should be offline and unavailable to join – however; I can join the server and play in it for as long as I want to. His termination has essentially afforded me a free VIP server to use whenever, and I don’t think that this behavior was intended.

GAME: bhop - Roblox
USER: https://www.roblox.com/users/2240962/profile

cannot link the VIP server itself since I no longer have any way to generate the link, and don’t know his Discord


Quite interesting.

He could still be getting charged with remaining funds still in his account as it isn’t actually gone from the system.

Or what you said just a glitch where it doesn’t expire even without being charged.

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To my understanding of terminated accounts, only access from the user end is terminated, not the account as a whole. So …

is the likely case. Since ROBLOX services are internal actions vs end user actions, and the data is very much still in tact, the system still has access to take the funds.

If the terminated accounts leftover funds are getting drained by vip servers they had before they got banned as theorized by the others in this thread, I would personally consider it a low priority issue, as it only helps developers out by giving them extra robux to devex, would still remove vip servers from someone who successfully appeals a ban, and I can’t think of a way that this could be exploited by unsavory roblox users to their advantage.

However, if its just spawning robux out of thin air from banned accounts, i could see that being exploited very hard by people buying the most expensive vip server they can on a game owned by their main account and then uploading very bad ugc to get perma banned as fast as possible, which in that case it should be fixed asap.


Following up on chesse’s concern of robux spawning randomly, would you (Summer) be able to ask your friend tjboss to check his robux now and at the end of the month (since logging into a banned account I think still allows you to view your robux) and ask him to report back if his robux is charged at the end of the month, or if it stays the same?

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