Terraforming Planets | Game Feedback

PLA, an inter-planetary terraforming game! :star: (Game link at the bottom of the post)

During October 2023, I have solo-developed a planet terraforming game inspired by Astroneer, KSP and Solar System Exploration 2, but had to pause due to exams. Now, I’m considering diving back in to continue this passion project.

The Gist
The premise is to fly around by a rocket, mine ores and build a base around the solar system.

Quick Game Run Down

The game is in its earliest of stages, so you’ll be spawned with a rocket pad. Click on it and a rocket will spawn.

Rocket Controls:
W, S = Pitch down or up
A,D = Yaw left or right
E, Q = Roll right or left
Z, X = Set throttle to 100% or 0%
Left Shift, Left Ctrl = Gradual increase in throttle or decrease

  • Press T to have a menu to invert your controls by swapping the keys to rotate the rocket in the opposite direction.
  • Upon exiting and re-entering your rocket seat, a startup is required by pressing Z key to control your thrust.
  • The rocket currently will not explode upon crashing into hard surfaces.

The blue bar on the left is the oxygen bar. It will continuously deplete if you are not in an oxygen zone, such as the interior of the rocket or on Earth.

Player Controls
F | Item In Inventory = Drop Item
Left Click | With Pickaxe = Mine surfaces

Mining System
Most materials on the surface of planets / moons can be mined using only a pickaxe.

Hard surfaces or in deeper parts of planets / moons cannot be mined with just a pickaxe, but require special items such as a C4 or a drill to dig deeper into the denser materials. For example, this yellow surface cannot be mined by a pickaxe.

Ore System
Different planets have unique ores on different surfaces and layers of itself. Ex: Quartz can be found on the surface of deserts on Earth, and in deeper parts of Earth, can bauxite and other ores be found. All planets and moons have unique rarities of ores.

Some ores require it to be thrown into a smelter, such as Bauxite → Aluminum to be used for creating larger and more complex items.

The video shows me mining Bauxite on the moon

and throwing it into a factory to be converted to a smelter, later to be connected to share battery life.

Here’s an image of a small base my friend and I made.

Landing on a planet.

A view of a gas gant!

If enough people are interested in a tutorial on how to play, I’ll edit a detail or make a new post on it. But here’s the game for those who’d like to try!

Game LInk: The Game

Feedback would be awesome since I am currently deciding to hop back in to make this passion game for fun since I have free time again.

Some stuff to consider for the future:

  • The rocket is too hard to control
  • Rocket control delay
  • Ability to produce oxygen domes
  • Atmospheric transformation (Ex: CO2 by factories will increase atmospheric toxicity, vegetation growth leads to an oxygenated atmoshpere)
  • Larger scale factories

A survey

Interested in this game?
  • Yes & why?
  • No & why not?

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Looks very promising!

You definitely need to think about a detailed tutorial when you launch the game so people actually know how it works.

Completely agree about the rocket being too hard to control. Throttle should be able to be increased + decreased rather than just on and off. Pitch etc is way too fast.

Should be able to customise character such as a spacesuit, as well as build better rockets with storage.

Other base functions, decor, rooms etc. Players want to make it their own!!

Also, how’s the save system going to work? How do players keep their base?

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I might create a tutorial for this game in the future, since it’ll be more complicated as time goes.

As for the throttles, you can hold Left Shift or Left Ctrl to gradually increase or decrease your throttle, and I’ll take the feedback for the controls being too fast. Perhaps I’ll remove the full rocket control all together and make it more simple by only clicking on a part of the planet to be automatically transported there, what are your thoughts on it?

On the saving system, I don’t think I’ll be implementing it, but we’ll see where it goes.

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