Terrain Decoration not updating properly due to LOD

Was told this is probably an engine problem.

Place a chunk of grass down and hit ctrl + z, this will leave the grass hovering midair until you go far enough away that it unloads. gif

Similarly, if you turn off Decoration in Terrain properties, you have to zoom out hundreds of studs for the grass to disappear.


I have also experienced this same exact problem and has been distracting me while making terrain!

Same problem here. I was tunnelling downwards with the remove tool, the grass was floating in the area after each time a section of grass was removed. Turning off Decoration wouldn’t turn off any grass in the game. It eventually fixed its self after a while.


I have recently noticed that every time create grass terrain with, well, grass, if I press Ctrl + z after creating a hill/mountain of grass, this also happens if I attempt to change the terrain material quickly.


Windows 10


Click here if the video doesn’t work.


This problem is due to very tiny terrain particles being up in the air. One way to fix this problem is using the " region " tool to delete everything in the area where the grass comes up.

will follow up on this with pictures.


wouldent a crtl Z get rid of even tiny particles though ?


Just for clarification; CTRL+Z is a shortcut to undo an action.

If the OP deliberately created those tiny particles on purpose then yes he can undo it via CTRL+Z. But in this case, I think OP’s terrain particles were created on accident, which causes the shortcut CTRL+Z to be of no use.


Been having the same issues recently. Had to rejoin in order to fully get rid of the grass


This seems likely related to Terrain LoD since this effect disappears when the LoD changes.

Further this is an engine bug since this happens simply by deleting terrain using the API.


Look- I’m glad this thread is getting some attention, but some of you are talking nonsense.
Yes, this is a LOD issue- as well established already, including in the title. We don’t need to speculate about what causes it or offer solutions.

No you cannot place “terrain particles”. This is automatically generated terrain decoration that you have no precise control over as of yet.

Thank you to those who are posting your own repros- hopefully this gets someone’s attention so it can be fixed promptly.

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This is 100% one of the most annoying engine bugs found on RobloxStudio.

This started happening right after Thursday’s update, which has caused me not to do anything in studio since I need to do terrain but can’t due to this bug.
No regions do not fix this issue.

As of yesterday’s patch this has now been fixed for me.

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Recently ever since RobloxStudio’s latest update, terrain decoration has not been working properly.

Explaining the Bug

  1. Using the growth terrain tool or just making terrain in general.
  2. Undo your terrain work.
  3. The grass will float but you cannot get rid of it unless you go over it again with a growth tool.
  4. Once you do go over it with a growth tool It will create another area of floating Grass.

Video of the Bug


The Bug:
I found (what I think is) some grass decoration bugs while in the studio.The bug has existed ever since the grass decoration update came. It always happens. When I uncheck the decoration box, the grass decoration still remains. When I paint the terrain to a different material, the grass still stays and doesn’t leave. And most importantly, whenever I subtracted, eroded, or did any sort of action to remove any terrain, such as control z, the grass would stay, floating. Floating grass exists even when I play the game. I’ve been reloading save files just to get rid of the grass. Here are two videos I took with all the bugs:

Video Evidence:
(Google Drive because Devfourm won’t allow me to insert videos)

To reproduce:
A) Paint some terrain to grass, then turn decorations off then on.
B) Paint some terrain to grass, turn decorations on, then paint the terrain with a different material.
C) Paint some terrain to grass, then either:

  1. Subtract the terrain
  2. Erode the terrain
  3. Undo
  4. Any other method to try to get rid of the grass without reloading a save file.
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This still seems to be happening on a terrain baseplate in Studio.


This had once been fixed, but appears to be bugged again.


We are reverting flag causing this (will be in matter of hours). Sorry about it.


The flag did not fix the issue. I will attempt to fix this issue asap in some of the next updates.