Terrain edditor dosent work

Greatings there, while developing one game for some reason the terrain edditor somewhat broke, and i cannot use:

  • Paint
  • Sculpt
  • And draw

And i did many of things: Turning off and on roblox studio, seartching online help, and even turning off and on my pc. However it was compleatly fruitless effors and for my last ditch effors, i made this topic soo maibe other lads could at least help whit it

Video to proff:

Last detail, this terrain edditor problem is haveing accros other games too

Sincerely Gort


Have you cheched the script outputs? If there were any errors, you would likely be able to spot them there.


Nothing much, just some plugin stuff and yea

Have you tried

Uninstalling roblox studio and reinstalling it?

or turning off any beta feature that may affect terrain?

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did turned off the betta features but removing and instaling not yet, however it got fixed then Roblox updated just forgot to respond =D , sooo thanks for some help at least