Terrain Editor Draw Tool double-clicks

as title describes, using the Terrain Editor’s Draw tool often double clicks when you want to single click, leading to unintended placement or subtraction of terrain.

Expected behavior

I expect that when I click once with a tool, it only clicks once. Let’s say I want to Add a large cylinder of limestone to my map using the Draw tool. If I click once, it should add a single cylinder.

Will be looking into this, thank you for the report.

I’m unable to reproduce this error. A different user recently reached out to me with a similar problem, and it turns out they had a faulty mouse button and needed to replace their mouse. Is it it possible that this might be the case for you as well?

I’ve had lots of a logitech mice, and some of them start experiencing this exact issue after a while.

I have checked my mouse and settings, it does not appear to be faulty. What happens is when I click a single time sometimes the Draw tool will act as if I’m holding down the mouse button rather than just single-clicking it.

My windows mouse settings are all default minus having disabled Enhance pointer precision. I do not have any mouse related software running in background.

Strangely, I took my mouse and tested it on a separate computer and the issue does not appear to exist. The issue is likely caused by either my configuration of Studio or a plugin I am using. Will report back if I can narrow it down to anything actionable.