Terrain Editor GUI truncates important settings and scales badly for compact use

[Slight edit: it seems I had a BETA version of the Terrain Editor enabled. UI is fine when I disabled it, but the bug is still valid for the newest BETA.]

Ever since the terrain editor was updated to a new layout, the GUI has been significantly harder to use and is sized badly for my monitor. Additionally, some areas of the gui are fully cutoff no matter how large I scale it.

Image of how I usually use the terrain editor. I like to keep everything in a window appended to the side of the viewport.
As can be seen above, about 2/3 of the gui is covered by the tool selection grid, which is uses too much space and has no way of hiding or scrolling past.

Here, the material selection grid is cutoff at the top.

Even when expanded to fit most of my screen, the materials are still cutoff at the top. I managed to find some unidentifyable buttons above the material pane by expanding the gui big enough. Pressing it cause the material pane to split in two to (source material) and target material. The buttons were cutoff so I couldn’t see precisely what they were, and became pushed further offscreen such that I couldn’t change back to the previous mode.

By carefully timing my screenshot, I was able to capture the hidden buttons, since they render for about a frame before being hidden.

As seen here, the material mode options are unreachable normally.

Here, you can see the Auto Material option becomes hidden when the UI is scaled too small (to a reasonable size that doesn’t take up most of the screen).

It appears that whether Auto Material is shown depends on the width of the GUI.

This is about the minimum width for Auto Material to be visible on the GUI.

Here’s the settings for my computer monitor.

Expected behavior

Ideally, the roblox studio UI tools should make efficient use of space such that they can be used in small sidepanels on small monitors.

Make it such that the terrain tool selection panel can be folded down or scrolled past such that it is not perpetually visible and scaled to use more than half the window.

Fix cutoff bugs where certain GUI options get truncated and become inaccessible

In its current state, the terrain editor UI is barely usable, at least on the monitor on my computer.


Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.

This should be fixed as of yesterday, please let me know if its still causing you problems, thank you!

That being said, I will forward your UI/UX concerns to our designer.

Thank you. All the cutoff and truncation bugs I brought up appear to be fixed now. And thanks for passing on my concerns regarding the sizing.


all controls disappear when the gui is resized too small, but this is a sizing/scaling issue.
Everything works fine so long as the GUI’s width is not pushed too thin.