Terrain Editor not opening other sections or tabs

Howdy! I was going to work on some terrain for a game of mine and I suddenly came across any section not opening up for the Tool or Region button to fill or paint over certain terrain or create terrain, this has become a major issue to my development workflow as of today.

A good description of the issue is that it doesn’t show the full properties of each button like the Edit and Create buttons, and this started probably 1 ~ 2 hours ago from posting this topic.

Terrain Editor bug happens inside Roblox Studio and in the Terrain Editor properties/tab and causes and wasting some of my development time.

Images/Videos of this bug:


How to reproduce:

  • First, go to Roblox Studio and go to the Terrain Editor tool.
  • Then, click any button that’ll open anything such as the Edit button.
  • You’ll see that they’re not opening and show a blank section.

I’m on studio version: 0.450.0.411923 and on a Acer laptop/windows, hope this can get resolved anytime soon today.


The current tab seems to reload and display correctly everytime you re-launch the terrain editorRX8XATKIC5
I guess this serves a temporary solution until this gets fixed

Im having this issue too, but after i click a tab, i fix it moving the terrain editor window, and then if fixes, but if you want to change the tab again, you need to move the window again, its annoying for me

Hmm, we’re looking into this. Thanks for the heads up. Could you let us know if you’re all on Windows and if so, what version?

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I’m on a windows laptop at the moment when producing this bug, the version of the windows is: Edition: Windows 10 Home and Version: 1909 as of 10/2/2020 on a 64-bit version.

I’m currently on Windows 10 Pro version 2004 64-bit

I’m not able to reproduce this myself. Could you provide some more information?

  • Once you’ve selected any tool in the terrain tools, does that continue to work correctly? E.g. do you see the size, shape, material etc. properties for the add tool, and can draw terrain?
  • Do other plugins like the toolbox work?
  • Have you turned on any beta features?

Finally, could you turn on “show plugin gui service in explorer” in studio settings, and share a screenshot of RobloxPluginGuiService.TerrainToolsV2 and its descendants when the tool buttons disappear? This is what it normally looks like:


First off, none of the settings or buttons won’t paint or add any type of terrain as it won’t show the brush size or material to choose and they’re sometimes laggy when trying to click or use them in a way. Secondly, all other properties like the Toolbox and Explorer work as they intended to. I managed to somehow disabled beta features like all of them and the Terrain Editor works, somehow I need the beta features for my development workflow with certain features and settings to studio.

I’ll update this reply if I pin-point one of the beta features that is causing this.

I’ve managed to make two separate videos with beta features one one without it, they’ll probably be more worth it than an image and visualization.

With Beta Features:

Without Beta Features:

Thanks for this!

It appears to be the automatic size beta feature causing it - when I turn it on I see the broken behaviour too. I’ll investigate what’s going on there! :slight_smile:


An update: the automatic size beta feature was the cause, but a fix has been found and will be released in v452 in 2 weeks.

For now, either disable the beta, or as a workaround, you can resize or minimize the terrain tools window to force it to render correctly.


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