Terrain Editor only seems to work in the 'start place'


The output throws a lot of errors about plugins including the Terrain Editor in places other than the start place, which prevents me from using it completely. It used to work fine.



The bug occurs everytime I load a place other than the start place in this game.


To reproduce this bug:

  1. Open studio and enter the right game;
  2. Load any place other than the start place using the ‘Game’ window;
  3. Attempt to open the Terrain Editor;

Instead of opening the Terrain Editor window it’ll do nothing other than throwing a one-time list of errors about plugins and the Terrain Editor.


The bug happens in Studio when opening a place other than the starter place.

Example place:

Date & Time

The date of when this bug started is unknown to me. All I know is that when I opened Studio to work on Terrain for my game today, it simply wouldn’t load the Terrain Editor.

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Hi ShapeDemBricks,
I’m not able to reproduce this myself. I think it might be caused by one of the plugins you’ve installed. The error seems to be IsSmooth is not a valid member of Folder, so I think one of the other plugins could be creating a folder named “Terrain” in the workspace, and the terrain tools plugin is getting confused. Could you try deactivating the plugins you’ve installed and let me know if this fixes it?

Also, does this still happen if you turn on the beta terrain tools? (File -> Beta Features -> Terrain Editor Beta)


Hi there! :slight_smile:

That did it for me! :smiley: thank you for the help.
Sorry for the hassle :sweat_smile:

Edit: however many errors still remain… Not from the Terrain Editor anymore, though.

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