Terrain Editor popping up during testing or opening up Roblox Studio

Just 2 ~ 3 hours ago, I was introduced with the Terrain Editor properties tab or section being opened when I was going to work on a project of mine and testing out some scripts of mine when the Terrain Editor properties kept popping up right in front of my screen.

I don’t have the Terrain Editor being in my properties tab at default at all, and I never seen this happen yesterday or in the morning.

Not too much of a description, but it’s just the properties tab opening by itself during testing or opening up studio but it happens inside Roblox Studio with any place or game.

When did this start you ask? It started a couple of hours ago and got tired of it a couple of minutes ago with the Terrain Editor being “buggy” in my properties section(s).

Videos/Images of this bug:

How to reproduce:

  1. Open up studio and select a game.
  2. Test the game or else, it’ll show up whenever entering a place.
  3. It’ll show the Terrain Editor section/properties during testing/opening.

If Specs’ are included for this bug:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz

I’m on Studio Version 0.448.0.11244 on an Acer laptop and a Windows laptop with the Acer, hope this isn’t intended as it’s starting to annoy me so much.


Here, the same problem started happening today, but every time I open ANY project, even new projects:


I also have this bug. The Terrain Tools plugin always appears when I open a place even if I have closed it previously.

This bug is caused by FFlagTerrainToolsUseDevFramework.
As you can see, it was turned on about 16 hours ago.


To the Roblox engineer that sees this, I recommend using the DockWidget.lua Roact component from the DevFramework rather than doing all the DockWidget logic manually in the main.lua file. It will prevent weird bugs like this from happening.
See Framework/StudioUI/DockWidget.lua.
If you need more help, PM me, I was the one who wrote that file.


This is happening to a few other developers (that I know of) and myself as well.

Really irritating honestly.


I just straight-up deleted the plugin files (along with the UI editor, which we still can’t properly toggle in 2020) from my installation and it fixed the problem.

I removed all my plugins, my folder C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Roblox\Plugins is empty, but the problem remains the same…

I got a workaround by docking the Terrain Editor window close to the Explorer Window:

You need to remove it from BuiltInPlugins. https://i.imgur.com/UszSueH.png

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Looks like Roblox engineers/admins have fixed this bug/issue! Now I can’t see the Terrain Editor pop-up whenever I open up a new place, current place, or test inside Roblox Studio for specific reasons, great that this is fixed a ton.

Thanks to everyone who’ve replied and added some information to the thread, appreciated a lot for this bug to be fixed!

EDIT: Looks like the bug is still relevant at the moment with the replies below me, I’ve had this issue again in some situations.


This issue is still happening for me when I run a play test with a studio build that was just updated minutes ago (to version 0.452.1.412846)

Sorry if I should have created a new topic for this as I don’t have access to and this is the first time I’ve posted in this category

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Yep, this problem is still happening.