Terrain generates at origin point

I just started having this issue anyone know how to fix it?

There is no errors in output either

Couple of different options for ya, first I would try adding a ball of stone in the middle of where you wanna place your hill or rock or whatever. Once you have done this sculpt off of it around it. To get the flattening effect it’s best to use subtract in sculpt and smooth to really get the appeal you desire.

Another solution would be to try turning off the ignore part function.

I would go with the first solution may solve most of your issues.

Watch the video closer the terrain just spawns there I try to place it somewhere else

Yeah I know what your saying but your using sculpt originally, which maybe throwing off the origin.

What I mean is to use the “add” function, and simply add a ball of stone right in the middle of that field.

Then use sculpt off of that ball. Only because when you use add you can place the terrain anywheres in the space.

Now there is also a plug in feature called part to terrain, and this works great you would make a cylinder part where every you need the terrain, and the plug-in will allow you to change that part to any type of terrain. Then you can sculpt it accordingly to how you like.

Let me know if adding stone, instead of growing it still makes the origin weird.

That happens with anything I use inside the terrain editor no matter what aside from the ones that you can make it a special size

Also for that build I was working on I just needed to paint but sculpting revealed the issue better

Quite honestly very weird try updating or redownloading studio itself.

I have already done that it didnt work

What happens if you click on manual mode? If you’re editing the plane in manual plane lock mode and move back to a different plane lock mode without applying, this can have happen.

If that isn’t the case, are there any errors in your output window?

Update Roblox has released a new version that fixed it :tada::tada::tada:

Cool, I’m glad that this addressed your problem!

that actually didn’t fix the problem it was a studio bug that was fixed un the update