Terrain generation with a baseplate

Sorry for the confusion in the subject, but I’m just curious as to how you would be able to take a baseplate, size it however large you want, and then easily transform that baseplate into terrain without having to make multiple regions? For example: I make a baseplate about 2000x2000x15, but I want to turn that baseplate into terrain. In the past, I had a buddy who actually did it for me and wrote a line of code but I didn’t really understand what he did. I didn’t know if there was an easier way to do so or if it’s as easy as just writing a simple line of code to fill in the baseplate with terrain instead.

Yeah that’s very easy. You can either use the command line or part-to-terrain plugin. Wait right here, I’ll update this message with the command line code.

Paste in command line(view > command line)

local terrain = workspace.Terrain
local baseplate = workspace.Baseplate -- you reference your object here

local cf, vs = baseplate.CFrame, baseplate.Size
terrain:FillBlock(cf, vs, Enum.Material.Dirt)
-- you can change Enum.Material.Dirt to any valid terrain material.

Just copy paste this in, and hit enter.