Terrain has a black and purple texture?

Hello, this is my first post here so I apologise if this is off-topic.

Today, when I logged on roblox studio, I saw that the terrain I made had this black-purple texture.

Here is a screenshot:

I already tried searching for this on this forum, but I couldn’t find anything to fix my problem. I closed my studio and opened it again, and the error still occurred. Any ideas on what is going on here? Is this common?

Thank you for your time.


Look at the terrain texture in workspace.

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I can’t seem to find this property. Where is it located exactly?

It’s located in the terrain which is inside the workspace.

Still can’t seem to find it. What’s the exact name of this property?

It was the one you are selecting, MaterialColors.

The colours are normal. No matter what material I choose in the terrain editor, they all have the same texture. Just in different shades.

Can I play the game? I will see if it shows that for me too.

Gave you permission.

Here’s the link: https://web.roblox.com/games/4535155599/Death-Duel-WIP

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The grass seems fine for me, it’s a problem on your side, try checking your studio files for the terrain textures, they might have gotten deleted. If they have, then you would have to reinstall studio.


Thanks! I’ll check this later since I don’t have time rn.

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If you join the game does the grass seem fine for you?

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It seems like it’s a problem on your end. Like Seoarro said, check the studio files and make sure theres nothing wrong with your textures. You can also save your local saves to a different file and re-install studio if needed.

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No, the problem still occurs. Sorry for the late reply.

Does it show up for you when you go in the actual game?

The texture of the grass is still like that when I play the game with the Roblox Player.

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Strange, when I play other Roblox games, the texture still appears.

Yea, it’s a problem with your files, I think it’s not just studio it’s also the roblox player so try reinstalling that too.

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Okay, thanks! [ 30 chars ] hgj

i have same issues but if the color of the terrain is default (roblox original terrain color) it’s fine on me but when i change terrain color the bug will appear and idk how to fix it the only think to fix that only 2 option is buy new devise or increase the graphic until 8