Terrain is lagging

Hi there,
I am making a showcase with terrain, and I’ve run into a couple of odd issues. I am making a lake, and I made the water transparency 1. But it hasn’t changed (see here):

Then when I was testing the game, the screen would occasionally go blurry and when the screen would go blurry the water would be transparent. Also it wasn’t the whole screen that went blurry, it was just the game part (if that makes sense). After that it would glitch back to clear but the water would have no transparency.
One more question: I have is how do I blend the paint? When I watched a video they just used the smooth tool, but when I tried that it smoothed the terrain, and not the paint on the terrain. I want there to be bits of grass in the rock, etc. But I don’t know how :thinking:.
Please help, I am not really sure what’s going on, and I want to get better at working with terrain so any suggestions or solutions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: this is a screenshot of what it looks like when I’m testing and it glitches between normal and blurry:


You have to change your graphics settings

  1. The water will never appear to be transparent while not in-game. You graphics must be high for the water to appear transparent.
  2. Check the lighting tab and see if you have ‘Blur’ under it. That might be causing the screen to blur.
  3. Use the terrain tools Add/Grow/Pain to change the texture.
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Ok I’ll try that. Where do I find the graphics settings?

I don’t think I have blur on, and I have tried to mess around with add\grow\paint but nothing seems to be working. Thanks for helping tho, I will look at the graphics (if I can find it) :slightly_smiling_face:

File > Settings > Render (might show a warning) > Quality level (Works in-game when testing) / Edit Quality level (Works on studio)


Wait, so you open the terrain too, select ‘Grow,’ Choose your Texture, then click on some terrain, but nothing grows out of the terrain? It just stays flat?

No it does, but I’m not trying to grow terrain, I’m trying to blend the materials if that makes sense. I have a sort of ravine, and I want to have some grass blended in with the rock on the sides.

Do you mean something like this?
If you mean blending them together as in you want rock and grass together then that is currently impossible.

So to blend terrain is pretty much impossible in Roblox Studio seeing as they use polys and vertexs to show the x,y,z and coordinates they are at to create/remove a part of terrain.

These are probably your best bet:

Yeah in the first video the glass and rock is what I mean when I want to blend them (in a way) :slightly_smiling_face: thanks

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Oh by the way what do I change my graphics to?

Where you find the graphics settings is the properties in lighting. The lighting properties manage the brightness and the main shades of your game. The properties of lighting is where you can manage it.

don’t rub your head over other things, its just Quality Level and Quality Edit Level, change these 2 to max level (Level 21) if you wanna see all the effects, but thats ganna affect the performance and it might lag tho, depends on your device

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Ok cool thanks! I have a surface pro and it works well and hardly lags when I’m playing a game, so I think it’ll work :grinning:

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This is about as good as it gets with blending, other than making your own custom blended texture

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