Terrain Liquid Pack!

Ever wanted to make water physics, or a lava flow, or a rock fall?

Well this might be the pack for you!

This pack includes a few scripts and a emitter.
The emitter will emit terrain, but the terrain is simulated as a liquid.



DOWNLOAD HERE:https://www.roblox.com/library/10066471764/Terrain-Liquid-Pack

Play Example Game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/9939840102/Terrain-Liquid-test

More features coming soon!


Wow, is there any way to make less delay


This is very cool, but I think a better avenue of exploration for this is via plugins. This is unlikely to be fast enough for game applications, but for level authoring it could be a useful terrain scrulpting tool.


That would be a useful tool, but sadly, I don’t think that there is a way to simulate physics in roblox studio without launching the game.

This is amazing! Great Resource.

Nice resource, for what @PeZsmistic said you are able to simulate physics with a plugin. Using RunService:Run() which will only work in command bars and plugin scripts.

I might experiment with that. And maybe make a plugin.

Just to confirm, I WON’T be making a plugin, I tried and it ended up crashing roblox studio and didn’t even work when it didn’t crash.

wow a plugin COOL
I usually play with this when Bored.
or make a big map with this water terrain. the wave works with this :smiley:

just like a realistic working water but Low poly wave

hey so uh sorry for bumping this but how do i activate it? im not that good of a coder and im trying to find something to do when im bored. but i cant get this to activate (or at least make terrain flow)

Why are you doing this on the server?

There are attributes to enabled and customize the emitter, but you have to make sure everything is right where it is suppose to be.