Terrain Loading At Extremely slow rates

So I am making a vehicle game and I found out that terrain is loading extremely slow, in short distances and in smaller chunks. This is a pretty big problem considering your car is travelling at 400 MPH and it creates a wall and removes it all of a sudden. I tried removing all the scripts and parts yet nothing works. It should be worth mentioning my map is about 6000, 40, 6000 studs. (the flash is just a speed trap so that’s not part of the bug)

Consider making your own custom terrain, and having it load in in chunks. I don’t think you can control how Roblox terrain loads. You could also try removing the grass (by disabling Decoration), although I’m not sure if that will solve the issue.

Oh okay ill consider this, maybe ill see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks!


I want to let you know that this is 100% normal for Roblox Terrain.
As this is not something you can fix or prevent it is normal for Roblox terrain, it has been like that forever.

What you can do.

  • Create your own Terrain

    • Parts

    • Terrain Plugin

  • Change Graphic Settings

Turning Graphic Settings up, can cause lag with Roblox Terrain.


Lets take these games for example:

  • Jailbreak

Lets say you can pkay Jailbreak. You will also run into this issue there as well. They don’t even know how to fix it, cause you can’t. It is part of Roblox. In all honestty it is just like “Minecraft” it loads chunks in when you get close to it. This is not nothing new and sadly something you can’t fix.
Jailbreak Map
Copyright 2021 Badimo

Jailbreak Terrain
Copyright 2021 Badimo

  • Vesteria

This Roblox game, as you can see the terrain a ton. This is mostly because like said, High Graphic quality. But at Low Quality you cannot prevent this. But the Higher the Graphics, the more laggy it will be, depending by your devices performance. But they also have the same problem with Low Graphics

Vesteria Map
Copyright 2021 Vesteria


Only Higher Graphics can prevent this, but like stated there will be lag depending upon your devices performance.

This cannot be prevented at all. It will always regardless of graphics, but the higher, the more you will see!


Like said, this not something you can prevent sadly, but it has improved since Terrain first became a thing, I would highly suggest making your own Terrain if you don’t this to happen.

This was also brought up here: How to optimize load time huge terrain maps?

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Thanks, this helps alot, Very detailed post

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