Terrain LOD not handling shallow water very well

Water ought to be visible in the entire red area but only pops in as the user gets close. This is because the water has a low occupancy value, which I used to make the shoreline look nice and natural(otherwise there’s an odd dip at the wedge of the water)

TerrainReproduction.rbxl (45.5 KB)


I think this is more of a feature request; to prioritize water chunks more in the LOD

I think it’s more of “surface” chunks needing to be prioritized, because I also have an issue with disappearing grass in LOD terrain

This is true, it seems reasonable to just prioritize surface voxels in general.

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Zoom out a tiny bit

We do currently prioritize surface voxels, but there are some occupancy thresholds where the non-surface voxels win. I can take a look at tweaking this; can somebody in this thread upload examples of levels where the current LOD update doesn’t work well?

FWIW we don’t have a separate concept for water chunks vs solid chunks, it’s all one system.

edit: oh oops, there is an example for water. @ColdSmoke, can you add an example with solid voxels that you have on your screenshot as well?


Yeah I can do that, I believe this segment is in the map I sent you a couple weeks ago but I’ll just go ahead and re-create it in little bit

Hi This is still a problem

Which is disappointing because like I said in the OP, Having water with low occupancy values is the best way to get a good looking shallow shoreline

If I had full occupancy water, it would require a lip to exist on the water edge, which looks pretty strange

but results in a working as intended LOD

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