Terrain or Parts Terrain?

Hello, I’m making a big game with a big terrain (15.000 x 5.000 studs) and I don’t know what’s better for a good and clean performance for PC and mobile.

Should I use roblox terrain? Or replace the terrain with parts?

I don’t know if using the roblox terrain is better because it looks laggy with a lot of voxels, while using parts looks less laggy, but maybe I’m wrong.

There is another topic like this but it never got answered.

I saw a lot of games with terrains that are laggy and games with part terrain that aren’t laggy, but mine is like 10 times bigger, so I don’t know.

I hope I can get help.

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If you enable StreamingEnabled on the Workspace, you should be fine imo.


Yea, I already have that enabled, but my question is what could be better for better performance.

Either way, it’s going to use a lot of parts/voxels. If it’s going to be laggy with terrain, it’s not going to be much better with parts.

My stance is: if you can find an easy and efficient way to replace terrain with parts (that works well), I would go for it. But otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth your time and effort for a small performance boost.

But you do you. This is just my perspective on the issue.

TL;DR: Parts are slightly better but might not be worth it.

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