Terrain Placing issues

hey, I am currently trying to build an obby but the blocks just diverts to the baseplate height.

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Could you please add more information. Perhaps a video or photograph of your problem.


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Aye. Hello Tom! I am currently having this situation. Does not seem to go away! It only occurs when you use the “Terrain” placement tool. Rather than it placing it on a part (block) it places it far below at base plate height…

I tried using smaller base plates to replace the parts but that does not do the trick…

I still don’t understand your problem.

Here is a recording of this issue.


@Coder_Tom I Just Tried to give an answer here:

I am currently doing that, but it’s a long process and should not even be my first choice.

The actual “placing” block is broken…I don’t know how to fix this.

I don’t know the exact reason for the problem … but at least it is a solution for your problem.