Terrain Rendering Falsely

Reproduction Steps

  1. Paint Grass with the add tool, a plain
  2. Use the paint tool over the grass with water to make a lake

Expected Behavior
The painted water of the grass plain becomes a lake and renders properly

Actual Behavior
The Terrain renders weirdly between grass and water.


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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update.

Thanks for the report!


Is this with upgraded shorelines?

Yes it is. charssssssssssssssss

I see. That behavior is more or less expected in that case. It seems like you are creating a layer of water that is <1 voxel thin in most places. It works “as expected” if so, as the LOD imprecision in terrain causes z-fighting in the distance in that case. Also beware that water is technically positioned at 0.5 voxels (2 studs) below solids in the current system, and if you compensate for this, the problem might be less visible.
Not 100% sure though, as I can’t recreate the exact effect that you show in the video using the Paint tool though. I would expect this can be achieved by using add or SeaLevel or similar. Please provide more specific steps to reproduce (and/or an example placefile), if you can’t solve this by using the above information.

(Edit: Math typo. I wrote “>1 voxel thin” instead of “<1 voxel thin”.

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