Terrain Replication Bug

For some reason, when I load in maps for my game, some clients fail to generate all of the terrain, while others have it perfectly. These players are falling through the map and stuff.

I’m using PasteRegion on the server.


Please fix.


To clarify, are the users never getting those chunks of terrain, or are they getting the terrain too slowly, so they fall through before it has finished loading? Also, do you notice any patterns (e.g. are multiple users missing the same chunk? Are chunks normally missing from a specific saved terrain region)?

They never get those chunks. They have to rejoin the server to have it fixed.

Can you please link the specific game(s) where this is happening so that we try reproing with our internal diagnostic tools?

No problem, right here:

This has been a problem that’s plagued my game for over a year. Doesn’t happen often, but quite annoying when it does.

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Yesterday evening we shipped a patch that should help with this, it was a race condition that could crop up if the terrain was empty the instant a player started joining, but became non-empty before that player finished joining (e.g. via PasteRegion). Please send me a followup if you are still seeing this behavior.


Ok thank you!

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