Terrain testing

I know its a bit strange, but i tried my best on it and i really want to know how to get better with Roblox terrain.


The colour of the leaves is way too bright, it should be darker. Apart from that, the terrain looks a bit pixilated.

I think this looks pretty cool, although some things are a bit low-res. Great work!

This looks amazing, I’d recommend you for World // Zero type of terrain!

It’s so nice ! I also made alot of stuff like this but more like dark. Amazing !

pretty nice, but the terrain doesn’t fit in. like the trees are shaded differently and stuff like that, some rocks are like low quality textures, and yeah

The first image looks really nice, the colour theme is spot on and overall a nice blend. However i recommend changing up the green grass colour to a different shade as i think it looks a bit too bright

the second image, I could see what you was trying to but seems you went a bit too much with the colour difference and brightness
the best way to produce a good environment is a colour wheel, there are different methods to pick out colours
Here is a diagram which I recommend:

you also still need to remember about contrast and brightness as a bit too much can throw the whole scene off.
But if you have a play around with tuning the colours, I recommend the yellows, it should come out better

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Thanks so much for this im so bad at choosing color schemes, it will improve my builds so much

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